Help in Singapore

If you own a company and are looking to register that company in Singapore, even though the Singapore government will welcome you to do so, you may need some help or assistance in meeting their requirements. Fortunately in Singapore there are businesses like Singapore Incorporation Service(SIS) that can provide you with that help and assistance. SIS and businesses like it specialize in helping new businesses and foreign businesses to register in Singapore. There are many reasons why a company would want to register in Singapore, not least being the fact that companies pay a far lower tax rate there than they would in most other countries. Other reasons, apart from the low tax rates, why a company would want to register in Singapore are its location and its wealth. First of all its location is important as it is a country that is situated on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, making it directly on the route of all major shipping between the east and the west. This combined with its large port facility have made the country a major hub in international trade. This is turn has caused companies from both the east and the west to have offices in the country, allowing each to do business with each other easily. The wealth of Singapore, which has mainly been due to its welcoming acceptance of many companies to its shores, has resulted in the country being rated the third wealthiest in the world. How this can assist a company is that that wealth is fairly evenly divided meaning that the education system is good, affording Singapore the title of being the best country in the world to provide a well-educated and qualified workforce for any company needing one. The wealth has also meant that the residents of Singapore enjoy the highest quality of life in the whole of Asia. So although Singapore may be a good place to live and work and the government, which is considered to be stable, welcomes new companies, there can be one or two stumbling blocks in a company reaching the requirements needed for registration. Firstly a company wishing to register in Singapore must name a director that is either a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident of Singapore. Secondly, although the government’s requests for proper and correct records and accounts for a company’s business transactions in Singapore may not be unusual, the fact that they require a corporate secretary that is a Singapore citizen to keep those records perhaps is. Thirdly, once again, it may not be unusual for a government to require a Singapore address for any company wishing to register but what may be a little more unusual is the fact that the address has to be more than just a PO Box Number, it must instead be the address of an actual office where the company has personnel to open it daily, for at least the regular Singapore business hours. These though are all regulations which SIS can help you achieve.